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Capitalising on the potential of the digital, to develop valuable propositions and help brands and product teams with their strategy.

s Approach

Design is the process of shaping the non-existent into existence. Most of it is done through facilitation: surfacing the value space between the stakeholders.

d Philosophy

Curiosity is the fuel to navigate through and out of chaos and fuzziness. It needs to be continuous as context is fluid and multifaceted.

I worked with Frederic for several years on a number of complex software products. He brought great experience to our team, raised the quality of our UX considerably, and had a significant impact in how UX/UI was approached across the company. Frederic established and lead a strong and respected UX team.

Andrew Smith Chief Technology Officer

Frederic has an amazing ability to grasp new concepts and industries extremely quickly. He took to clinical research immediately and has the ability to gain buy-in/acceptance through his friendly manner.

Ricky Lakhani Chief Product Officer

It is remarkable that he can equally well contribute to the details of a UI design all the way to strategic conversations and decision making. As a leader he can inspire change and rally teams to support a common goal.

Yannis Katsaros Product Manager

Fred embodies the principles of excellent user experience: he is clear, communicative, collaborative, creative & commercially-focused. In Paddy Power, he helped drive a sea-change in mentality, taking the preconceptions of innovation and UX and completely redefining & reinventing them.

Neil Campbell Chief Marketing Officer

[...] he built a design team which focused on collaboration: working together and taking into account everyone’s opinion. He is a natural leader, and his great communication skills allow him to fight for his beliefs while at the same time bringing different teams/people together.

Froso Ellina Design Lead