(re)defining the brand identity, personality and value.

As an underdog, loveholidays was used to fly under the radar. But low brand awareness and expensive acquisition channels were challenging its growth.

After joining, I decided to make solving this one of my priorities. The result was an entirely new strategic framework (mission, vision, positioning), as well as a new brand identity system (verbal, visual) to be embedded throughout all functions and touch points.

for brand

A clearer positioning and proposition for better value and user experiences


A brand is the overall glue linking together all the touch points and interactions with users (what we say, how we say it, where we say it).


It helps users assess the ‘relationship’ (consciously and unconsciously) from the perspectives of trust, fit, value.


Creating the momentum

It was important to make sure that all employees understood the what, the why and felt part of it.

We organised an all-day brand and strategy launch, and kicked off a series of cross-functional training sessions.

*the entire project was with the collaboration of Koto Studio


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