Confident parents, happy children, healthy community

The challenge

Is there a way to translate a 13-week in-person group programme into an online course?

The approach

We had to completely rethink the programme and ruthlessly remove unnecessary content and burden for the parents as well as the facilitators. We ended up with a new structure: 6 weekly released online courses, combined with weekly Zoom meetings with a facilitator and only up to 6 parents.

Keeping in mind the fact that at the time the parents enrol, some will be going through one of the most stressful moment in their life (domestic violence, bankruptcy, social services intervention, recovering from drug abuse), we crafted each piece of the puzzle: branding, touch points for pre-enrolment, enrolment, post-enrolment (for facilitators and parents) and the interactive courses.

The results

98% of the parents enrolled found the course material very clear and understandable and the experience seamless

The feedback exceeded expectations (especially considering that most of the parents initially enrolling dropped out of school young and English was not their first language).