UX Playbook

As a Product Design Director, I was overseeing a team of 20 designers (from Senior Design Managers to Associate Designers), spread across San Francisco, New York and London), supporting >27 products and facing an average ratio of 1:5:32 (Design:Product:Eng). 

The challenge

How to ensure consistent high standards in how we tackle projects, cross-functional interactions, the use of design methodologies and a shared understanding of design across product teams?

The considerations

  • Within the design team (ensuring highest standards possible from all designers from onboarding)
  • Within the product teams (increase understanding of UX design and its value as part of Agile)

The approach

I started with stakeholders interviews to get a sense of the state of affairs, not just ‘factual’ but also perceived. I was also at that time part of a team leading the rethinking of our software development lifecycle (SDLC), which gave me invaluable insight and leverage.

It was clear that we needed to both ‘educate’ and align the designers and non-designers. 

One of the solutions

A team resource to help structure our thinking and direct us through Product Design methods and processes for better collaboration and communication—with the ultimate goal of building better products for our users and customers.